A Unique Program

Art, in all its forms, is one of the most powerful tools for reflection, awareness and inspiration. We need it in our lives to help see the world in different ways, ways that can help us through the joys and sorrows of our journeys.

At Small Giants we believe in the power of art. We want to honour and support artists and creatives, understanding that expressing ourselves is an essential part of the human experience. This expression comes in many forms; visual arts, music, dance, sculpture, poetry and beyond. We also know that if we want to do difficult work in the world and have hard conversations, we need to be in a safe and beautiful environment. As Cheryl Strayed says, "Put yourself in the way of beauty".

The Small Giants artist in residence program is designed to put us all in the way of beauty and to inspire creativity, reflection and awareness in all of us. We want to support artists with their creative pursuits and projects and we also want to bring more creative expression to our workplace and have artists share and contribute to the energy of the work we do and the places we inhabit.


Our Current Artist in Residence

Shai Shriki is an Israeli vocalist, oud and guitar player, composer and activist. He is a writer of contemporary music with traditional sounds from the Middle East, Hebrew songs and Spanish guitar.

World music is Shai's passion, mostly writing in Hebrew as his first language and he also sings Arabic, Spanish & Eastern European songs.

With a great passion to human rights and equality, Shai started a music program with refugees in Lesvos Island, Greece. Donating musical instruments and sharing his deep and joyful sounds with refugees and musicians in the camps. Now he’s on his way to creating a documentary to humanise the refugees and to show the beauty that comes out of these hard conditions. 
In his travels to the refugee camps he met some amazing people and musicians to collaborate with, creating shows, special events, recording music at the camps all with the aim of making a better day and put a smile on people’s faces.

Shai believes that the unique sound of traditional instruments and songs invoke deep emotions and the fusion of cultures with sound similarities can be a meeting and bridging place for all people to live in harmony.