A Unique Program

The arts help us understand who we are and what the world means to us. Small Giants support exciting and emerging artists and help them with a space to create as well as to provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. The White House is a major hub of activity with significant emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Our artists spend time with our tenants, gain inspiration from our hive of activity and contribute their ideas, kindness and art. 

Small Giants provides a $1000 grant to be used toward material costs for the duration of the residency.


Our Current Artist in Residence

Bianca Loiacono is a highly regarded illustrator and a creative story teller.  Commissioned by a range of private and public clients for her illustration work be it art, design or books, Bianca is also the author/illustrator of 'BETTY' with a new book in the works where magical characters are born to inspire young and old.  Bianca's artwork is simple yet expressive, bringing thought and feeling to life.  You see.. Once upon a time there was a girl who drew pictures with her mind.  She grew up in a world of should you and could you.. dancing with creativity, poking it, prodding it.  She learnt science and to sew, drawing her world one shape at a time, night and day, telling its tales and walking the bridge between the life one lives and the life one dreams.  Fast forward and we find the sun shines for those who do what they were born to do.  So she makes art and writes stories, and that is her life.  

You can check out her website here.