Next Economy Governance: Myths and Misconceptions

When we talk about "Next Economy Governance", what do we actually mean? And, why does it matter now?

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March 13, 2024
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In the same way we need to evolve our business practice to meet the challenges of our time, our approach to governance must change too. We call this evolution: Next Economy Governance.

But, when we talk about "Next Economy Governance", what do we actually mean? And, why does it matter now? And if you work at, donate to or invest in purpose-driven organisations, where do you even start?

In this free masterclass, Francie & Mele-Ane draw on over three decades of combined experience reporting to, sitting on and chairing boards, to answer these questions and counter common myths and misconceptions around governance of purpose-driven organisations!

If you want to dive even deeper, join us in our next Next Economy Governance Deep Dive. Find out more about it and secure your spot here. Small Giants Academy - Next Economy Governance program

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Meet Francie Doolan

Francie is passionate about empowering people for systems change and using finance and business to shift us to a more socially equitable and environmentally regenerative world. She has 23 years’ experience reporting to Board of Directors and Board sub-committees (Governance, Finance, Audit, Risk, Investment) of ASX listed, not-for-profit and for-purpose private companies across financial services, property, construction, mining, education, health, retail and arts and culture.

Francie also has 13 years’ experience as a Non-Executive Director on Boards of not-for-profit and for-purpose private businesses across property funds management, retail, health, education, arts and culture.

Meet Mele-Ane Havea

A passionate and experienced governance professional, Mele-Ane’s work explores the intersection of cultural wisdom, purpose-led business, and the “next economy,” and believes in the immense power of storytelling for change. Mele-Ane holds an MBA from Oxford, where she was a fellow of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. She also has an LLB/BA from Monash University.

Mele has over 20 years of experience reporting to Boards and Board sub-committees with over 13 years of experience as a non-executive Director of Boards. Her experience spans ASX-listed companies, not-for-profits and for-purpose organisations across a wide range of sectors.

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Business & Economics
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