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Welcome to a global community of leaders and change-makers committed to creating a just, inclusive and sustainable future where people and planet can flourish – an idea we like to call the Next Economy.

We empower established and emerging leaders from all walks of life and industries with the tools, knowledge and support to lead courageously, centre purpose at the heart of their organisations and communities, and create a vision for a better future.

What’s coming up at Small Giants?

Applications for the MBE are now open

Are you a creator, dreamer and leader? Are you looking for a learning experience that expands your horizons, builds meaningful connections, and deepens your impact in the world? Apply now for the Small Giants Academy's Mastery of Business and Empathy (MBE) program.
July 29, 2024

Governing for Purpose

Through this one-of-a-kind program you'll gain the essential foundations of organisational governance plus the knowledge, tools and community to help build a world we want to gift to future generations.
August 21, 2024

Wisdom & Action Forum

Delve into the biggest challenges of our time alongside some of the greatest minds as we explore sensemaking and systems change.
September 2, 2024

The Psychology of Money Masterclass

The psychology of money is complex. This masterclass will explore the concept of money as an energy source and the money disorders we each bring to the table (whether we admit it out loud or not).
September 13, 2024

Into the Arena

Deepen your understanding of the systems creating the climate crisis and develop a framework for your own climate action.
September 19, 2024

Interconnected Leader

Interconnected Leader empowers individuals to successfully navigate the complexities of leadership by integrating mindfulness and somatic practices into the way they lead – connecting with our inner wisdom to foster personal growth and build collective harmony.
October 9, 2024

Storytelling for Change

A 6-week program teaching you how to harness storytelling to create meaningful change for our communities and our planet.

Delve into the biggest challenges of our time alongside some of the greatest minds

Come together to navigate complexity, nuance and the pressure points of change through thought provoking - plenaries, facilitated peer-to-peer conversations and dynamic masterclasses. Create the deep connection of emergent thinking that we urgently need for this critical moment.

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What’s coming up at Small Giants?

We're building towards what we call the Next Economy

The Next Economy is a new way of being, leading and governing that supports humanity to flourish while living in harmony with our natural world.

Upcoming Events

Sep 2, 2024
Online via Zoom

The Psychology of Money Masterclass

Join us to explore a more productive way to think about your relationship with money and it’s purpose.
Aug 21, 2024
Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford Victoria, Australia 3067

Wisdom & Action Forum

Delve into the biggest challenges of our time alongside some of the greatest minds.