The ‘Wall of Wood’: A 1000-year-old tree has been discovered.

During a week that delivers heart-breaking news from the other side of the world, we are thrilled to learn of the discovery of a 46-metre-tall tree that’s more than 100 years old.

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Small Giants
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At Small Giants, we love it when the world continues to surprise and delight. So this week of all weeks, when it was announced that a big tree hunter (yep, that’s a thing) discovered a giant Western Red Cedar on Flores Island, British Columbia, we cheered.

Standing at 46 metres tall, with a girth of more than 15 metres, this Goliath has been nicknamed The Wall of Wood. Fortunately, this beauty is located in an area protected from logging, on Canadian Indigenous land.

Ahead of the Forestry Economics Congress, happening in Hobart next month, we are invited to consider the financial value of trees globally. Surely something that has stood in a place for a time that stretches further into the past than any of us can trace our families, is deserving of reverence. And lasting protection.

Amid a week of pain and destruction in Israel, to know that there are people out there committed to conservation of ancient forests gives us hope.

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