Watch the Recording: A Traveller’s Guide to World Peace Tour

An essential conversation for our times, hosted by Small Giants in partnership with Work Club Global, Intrepid and Plus 61J Media.

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Small Giants
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Choosing peace is not being neutral, it is the hardest path of all

Small Giants, Work Club Global, Intrepid and Plus61J Media came together to host a powerful conversation with renowned peace builder, responsible travel innovator, cultural educator and inspirational speaker, Palestinian Aziz Abu Sarah.

Experiencing the great loss of his brother at a young age, Aziz’s incredible story of overcoming anger and seeking revenge, and instead choosing love and forgiveness is as beautiful as it is profound. At a time when we’re being asked to choose sides, Aziz’s story and experience helps us to orient towards love and connection over hate and conflict. There’s never been a more critical time for a conversation like this one.

The evening was welcomed with a musical introduction from Israeli Shai Shriki singing songs of peace, followed by a conversation with Aziz and a moderated Q&A session.

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