The Next Economy

We work toward building an economy and society that supports human flourishing while living in harmony with the natural world. We call this The Next Economy.

What is the Next Economy?

The Next Economy is our vision for a better future – a new way of leading, governing and being that allows humanity to flourish whilst living in harmony with the world around us.

Developed and informed by the foundational work of Kate Raworth's pioneering concept, Doughnut Economics, the Next Economy proposes that we must live above our Human Foundations – the baseline of what is required for human flourishing – but within our Natural Limits and without exceeding our planetary boundaries. This is realised through Equality & Democracy (the way we govern), Business & Economics (the way we work), and our Systems & Cities (the way we live).

At Small Giants, the five core tenants of this vision guide us as a North Star, as well as set of operational principles in the way we lead and govern our own businesses.

Framework for the Next Economy: Our Natural Limits

Our Human Foundation

Self & Belonging

Our journey towards positive change begins within ourselves and extends to our local communities.

We strive to nurture a sense of belonging through self-awareness and community connection, forming the foundation of our collective progress.

Our Natural Limits

Nature & Environment

In the face of the climate and biodiversity emergency, we recognise the urgent need for action.

Our commitment is to strive for a stable climate and a thriving natural world, acknowledging the interconnectedness between human wellbeing and the health of our environment.

How We Govern

Equality & Democracy

In a world marked by inequality and governance challenges, The Next Economy envisions a future characterised by equality and healthy democracy.

We acknowledge the imperfections of existing systems and strive to be architects of change, working towards a world governed by true fairness and democratic principles.

How We Work

Business & Economics

The era of prioritising profit over people and the environment must come to an end.

The Next Economy strives to create innovative systems that redefine the role of business. We believe that businesses can be a genuine force for good, contributing to societal wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

How We Live

Systems & Cities

In our commitment to holistic sustainability, we recognise the profound impact of the built environment, the systems and cities we operate within.

The Next Economy aims to transform the way we build and inhabit spaces. We strive to create environments that enhance human wellbeing, minimise ecological footprints, and promote sustainable practices in construction and urban planning.