Our People

Our People – @SGAust

DannyDanny Almagor – @atanajurat

Danny is the co-founder and CEO of Small Giants, which he started with Berry, who also happens to be the mother of his three children, the creative director of  Small Giants and “the most awesome person in the world” (Danny’s words). Prior to Small Giants, Danny was the founding CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia and the CEO of Medivax. He has done some other cool stuff including being part of the team that broke the record for racing a solar car across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. He loves reading non fiction and jumping on the trampoline with his kids.


BerryBerry Liberman – @berryfeather

Berry is the co-founder and Creative Director of Small Giants, the Publisher and Editor of Dumbo Feather and a mum to the three cutest kids in the world. Berry loves the garden at work. Especially the roses. A few years back, Berry used to write screenplays in LA and directed a few short films but decided to come home and get married to Danny (CEO extraordinaire of Small Giants). Very good decision.


ADamAdam Borowski – @adborowski

Adam is the Developments Manager at Small Giants, responsible for such green amazingness as The Commons. Adam is a property and environmental lawyer, who has previously been employed in private practice at Blake Dawson and as in-house counsel for The Shell Company of Australia. Adam is currently undertaking a Master of Business (Property) at RMIT. His other roles at Small Giants include: handyman extraordinaire, Airstream driver and table tennis enthusiast.



Simon Matthee – @simonmatthee

Simon is the Chief Finance Officer at Small Giants. Simon lives and breathes small business finance. Coming from owning his own cafe (in ACCA) for many years, Simon was the Chief Finance Guy at Engineers Without Borders with Danny & Kaj before joining Small Giants where he is responsible for the cheque books of all the little giants. His other roles at Small Giants include: resident beekeeper, cake baker and table tennis enthusiast.


Kaj Löfgren – @kajlofgren

Kaj (pronounced Kai) is the Director of Strategy at the Small Giants group of companies. Kaj works closely with the Small Giants businesses on strategy and management support, whilst positioning Small Giants itself as a leader in the diverse world of impact investing. Prior to this dream job, Kaj had a number of other dream jobs over five years with Engineers Without Borders and Engineers Australia. He is currently serving as a director on the board of Engineers Without Borders. His other roles at Small Giants include: table tennis enthusiast, coffee drinker and international jet-setter.



Mele-Ane Havea – @meleane_havea 

Mele-Ane is the Director of Portfolio & Projects at Small Giants and, like Kaj (pronouced Kai) provides strategy and management support across the Small Giants portfolio of businesses and leads a number of the wonderful projects happening at SG.  After working for some years as a corporate lawyer (in Melbourne and Abu Dhabi) and in community and human rights law (in Kunnunurra and the Netherlands), Mele-Ane went on to complete an MBA (at Oxford University as an Associate Fellow at the Skoll Centre). Mele-Ane then followed her heart to this dream job… where she couldn’t be happier! She is proud to be the first female member of the Small Giants table tennis team and, it must be said, gives the boys in the office a run for their money when it comes to this favourite office past time…


Stewart Davies – @stewartjdavies

Stewart is the Foreign Correspondent for Small Giants work in South East Asia. Stewart is based only 7,355 kms from what he regards as the coolest office in the world.  To distract himself from this, he is forever searching for other amazing small giants in the region to collaborate with. Living in Bangkok, Thailand, he continues his work with Small Giants and Pots ‘n Pans, while finding time to collaborate with the United Nations (OCHA) focusing on improving communications with conflict or disaster affected communities in the region. Prior to this, he loved working for Engineers Without Borders Australia & Oxfam Australia which have taken him across the world (helped by a journey of passion for other cultures and food he says). The journey will continue for some time yet apparently…